Help the Human Rights are Aussie Rules Project get to Arnhem Land

The Human Rights are Aussie Rules Project is an innovative human rights education project teaching children about human rights principles through the metaphor of sport. The program includes a theatre production, an interactive workshop and the popular Handballs for Human Rights Competition. The program helps reduce the incidence of racial, religious and gender based bullying in schools.

In collaboration with the Castan Centre for Human Rights, the program has been invited to present to indigenous children at the 12th Annual Garma Festival, a national forum promoting  Indigenous Cultural Exchange in Arnhem Land.

The flights to get there are expensive. We need the help of the legal profession to help our performers and workshop facilitators to get to this Festival. Tax Deductible Donations can be made via

Human Rights are Aussie Rules is a project of the Eastern Community Legal Centre. For more information contact Tanja Kovac on 9285 4822 or

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