Human Rights – the FRED rules

Human Rights are internationally recognised standards that make life fair, developing respect, responsibility and teamwork amongst people.

Like the rules governing fair play on the sports field, human rights are rules for the game of life, guiding people to live in harmony and peace. Human Rights are rules of fair play that are part of our everyday lives – no different than the code for fairness on the sportsfield.

There are four key human rights rules:

Equality and

Freedom, respect, equality and dignity are human rights goals. Like the four posts in a footy match, this is what human rights principles aim for.

Human Rights and Fair Play

Without rules of fair play on the sports-field, playing footy, cricket, netball or any sport would be unthinkable.

Can you imagine a footy game without an independent, unbiased umpire? Umpires ensure someone judges fairly when there is a dispute between players.

Can you imagine a basketball game without a rule outlawing violence?
Rules against striking, contact and fouls ensure that people can play sport safely.

Can you imagine going to a footy final unable to wear your team colours or chant for your sporting heroes? The right to follow your team, sing songs freely and barrack for your team “God” is an essential to fair play in sport.

While we take the rules of fair play for granted in sport, we often neglect them in everyday life. We forget how important these same ideas of unbiased courts and judges, laws banning violence, murder and torture and the right to freedom of assembly, speech and religion are to the game of life.

Human Rights and Good sportsmanship

In Australia we pride ourselves on being good sports. We know that being a good sport means more than being just a good athlete.

In Australia being a good sport means:

  • Learning and playing by the rules of the game.
  • Playing fair and not cheating.
  • Being respectful to teammates and opponents.
  • Giving other team members a go – even if you’re a better player.
  • Congratulating the other team – whether they’ve won or lost.
  • Accepting the umpires verdict even if you don’t agree with a call.

Good sports make playing a game fun and happy experience for everyone.  Most importantly good sports believe in fair play – both on and off the sportsfield.

Human Rights are Aussie Rules

Human rights are rules for fair play in life.

The rules of Human Rights – freedom, respect, equality and dignity – help people be good sports in all areas of life – in sport, in school, at work and at home.

Now you can learn to be a good sport through the Human Rights are Aussie Rules Project.