The Human Rights are Aussie Rules Project is a schools-based education program teaching children about human rights through principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. When children compare the rules of fair play in life to the rules on the sports field, concepts such as freedom, respect, equality and dignity become very easy to relate to, rather than just abstract ideas.

Because sport and fair play is a language common to young people from different races, religions, and social backgrounds, it enables a discussion about human rights that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Understanding human rights strengthens diverse communities, promotes social inclusion and helps to reduce the incidence of racial, religious and cultural bullying and intolerance amongst children.

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The program has three modules:

  1. Theatre Performance
    Fred’s Fair Play is a 45 minute theatre performance suitable for children in Prep- Year 4. This play is delivered by education specialists CARP Productions and is imaginative and amusing introduction to human rights.
  2. The Human Rights are Aussie Rules Workshop
    This one-hour workshop features four interactive unique games building direct understanding of Freedom, Respect, Equality and Dignity. The workshop is suitable for children in Years 5-9.
  3. Handball for Human Rights
    Portable and easy to use, the Handball for Human Rights Game enables kids (and grown-ups) of all ages to aim for human rights. This game is great for school festivals, fates and fairs.

FRED’s Fair Play

FRED’s Fair Play is an innovative theatre production teaching children about human rights. Featuring an Aussie Rules loving fairy named FRED (Freedom, Respect, Equality & Dignity), the play uses sport, music and dance to engage primary aged children in a discussion about human rights.

FRED’s Fair Play is approximately 45 minutes in length and can be tailored to meet the needs of your school timetable or event. It can be shortened for performance at school assemblies.

Performances of FRED’s Fair Play is accompanied by an interactive and fun workshop, educating children about the play’s key themes of Freedom, Respect, Equality and Dignity.

We also provide teachers and students with a classroom resource kit, showing how FRED’s Fair Play can be incorporated into the classroom curriculum on human rights.

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Human Rights are Aussie Rules Workshop.

The Human Rights are Aussie Rules Workshop is 50-60 minute interactive training session aimed at teaching  students in years 5-9 about human rights through the metaphor of sport and fair play.

The workshop is designed to follow the performance of Fred’s Fair Play, and encompasses the key themes of the production, specifically the four principles of human rights enunciated in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities – Freedom, Respect, Equality and Dignity (“The FRED” principles”).

The workshop is presented in four quarters of approximately 8-10 minutes length, with the session designed to teach students about one of the FRED principles through a combination of activities, games theory and thoughtful (and playful) discussion.

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Human Rights are Aussie Rules is a project of Eastern Community Legal Centre.